The Israel Warriors Company was established in 2014 by a veteran paratrooper brigade fighter named Or. The idea to start the company came during a time when there was lack in proper equipment for his team. He wanted to provide his teammates in the IDF with modern products at attractive prices that they had lacked on the battlefield. Over the years the business grew and expanded to both private soldiers and security agencies. Today, our clients include the Israeli Security Forces, Israel Defense Forces, Israel Police, Ministry of Defense, Israel Railways and other private security companies, as well as the private consumer: recruits, combat soldiers, policeman and anyone needing the best equipment in their hands. We also work in full cooperation with the Duvdevan elite unit in the IDF in the development of supply and import of modern products and solutions for the battlefield.

Over the years our website added new and special products, the likes of which were not seen in Israel, and even at prices that the soldiers could afford to purchase. For example, a bipod assault handle was sold in Israel at the cheapest price of 850 NIS, today after hard work we manage to offer the same handle for only 299 NIS. After almost a decade since the business establishment, we can clearly say that we have made a change in the entire price range of tactical equipment in Israel. In fact, we can say that we broke the market in Israel.

In just a few years since its creation, the store became a symbol and an inspiration for tens of thousands of men and women, active duty soldiers, reserve soldiers, policemen and other members of the security forces in Israel. Clients came from all over the country to purchase the products they needed at particularly attractive prices. Every soldier who came and asked for a product that was not on the shelf or in stock, we tried to help and find out if it was possible to supply and or import the product to Israel. 

In addition, we are manufacturers and suppliers of textile products for a variety of security personnel such as vests, special belts, gloves, backpacks, face masks, helmet covers, and other products that you will not see elsewhere. We also carry weapon attachments such as assault rifle handles, tactical flashlight covers, war belts and more.…

With our on store location you can also find all the basic equipment for recruits such as: watches, leather jackets, pocket knives, backpacks, socks, shirts, boxers, hygiene products and grooming packages for recruits, etc. You can especially find equipment for fighters including and not limited to knee pads, helmets, vests, weapon accessories, paracord, camouflage equipment, thermal clothing, tactical gloves and a variety of other things.

In addition, police officers can purchase from us accessories such as: belts and gun holsters, handcuffs, pepper spray, shirts, badges, police hats and duty equipment.

We also provide outdoor hiking and camping equipment. You will find with us sleeping bags, hiking shoes, sandals, backpacks, walking sticks, thermal clothing, jackets, softshells, travel accessories, antibacterial socks, waterproof gloves, coffee bags, tents and all the other equipment that needs to go out for the best trip.

Private citizens of Israel can find with us self-defense products such as: pepper spray, electric shockers, batons, knives and pocket knives, protective equipment against ballistic threats, survival gear, backup and emergency batteries and other things for your personal security.

Our company is the main importer to Israel the world’s leading flashlight brand: Olight, which offers a wide range of lighting solutions for the battlefield, the field, camping, physical activity (bicycles, running, etc.) and indoor lighting.

The store’s employees are all IDF veterans who work hard every day to provide you with the most professional and high-quality solutions for our clients.

We strive to act professionally, while providing an adequate response to your needs, and aspire to give you quality service, and attention to the quality of the products. We will be happy to see you and offer you the best service experience.






Email: [email protected]

We are official suppliers of the Prime Ministers Office, Israel Police, other IL Gov Agencies, Ministry of Defense and more.

Official Supplier Number: 11013151


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